Parts & Accessories



Photos are available for many of the items listed below. Click on the link in the section heading (images open in a new window/tab). Please contact us to discuss any other items that you require that are not listed.

Handles & Latches (images 1)

HL1 Devon Style (Moonraker) handle/latch Type 2, brown, 80mm centre 3.95
HL2 MOT 3 Westfalia catch 40mm aperture (brown or grey) 5.10
HL3 Push button mini latch 19mm aperture (gold finish) 3.00
HL4 Clip together, flush pull 50mm aperture (black) Devon T25 2.60
HL5 Flus pull 40mm diameter aperture (beech) 2.60
HL6 Classic Devon style, flush pull 90mm x 38mm (black) 4.10
HL7 Classic Dormabile style, flush pull 90mm x 38mm (cream) 4.10
HL8 Surface catch (chrome) 4.05
HL9 Keep plate 0.30

Catches, Bolts & Turnbuckles (images 1, images 2)

CB1 Push push Devon catch 2.60
CB2 Nyon roller catch (brown) 0.95
CB3 Unique catch, as used on split screens (Florentine bronze) 2.00
CB4 Twin roller catch (metal & nylon) 1.55
CB5 Plastic twin roller catch 0.95
CB6 Pegline catch 0.95
CB7 Chrome turnbuckle (half moon) 6.65
CB8 Plastic turnbuckle 3.05
CB9 Spring bolt, 2 1/4 (chrome plated) 3.95
CB10 Flat bolt, 2 1/2 (chrome plated) 2.95
CB11 Devon over centre catch (nickel plated) 4.05
CB12 Wire over centre catch CP 0.85
CB13 Flip-over catch CP 0.95
CB14 Turnbuckle & plate, 50mm x 20mm (cream) 2.50
CB15 Spacer for CB14, 20mm high (cream) 1.00
CB16 Turnbuckle & plate, 50mm x 20mm (tan) 2.50
CB17 Spacer for CB14, 20mm high (tan) 1.00
CB18 Chrome plated showcase catch 2.25
CB19 Single screw turnbuckle, 20mm max 2.35
CB20 Plastic flat bolt, 70mm 0.95
CB21 Plastic triangular bolt, 50mm 1.65
CB22 Cranked bolt, 65mm (brass) 1.80
CB23 Large over centre catch, 70mm 2.50
CB24 Rooster catch (florentine bronze) 1.20
CB25 Peg alignment catch 0.90
CB26 Double ball catch, 40mm (chrome) 1.50
CB27 Small magnetic catch, 30mm 0.95

Hinges (images)

HG1 Piano hinge, 6ft (nickel finish) 9.20
HG2 Devon lift-off hinge (Moonraker) (chrome or bronze) 1.45
HG3 Butterfly hinge, 40cm (chrome) 1.65
HG4 Flush hinge, 2 (Florentine bronze or nickel) 0.75
HG5 Flush hinge, 1 1/2 Chrome (Devon) 1.15
HG6 Cranked hinge, 2 (Florentine bronze or nickel) 0.95
HG7 Semi-concealed hinge (chrome) 1.80
HG8 Waisted hinge 1.95
HG9 Plastic hinge 0.55

Stays & Miscellaneous (images 1, images 2)

SM1 Sink top retaining clip 3.05
SM2 Triangular shelf bracket 1.55
SM3 Spring stay, 190mm, zinc plated 2.90
SM4 Spring stay, 290mm 6.10
SM5 Break back stay 1.55
SM6 Nylon retaining strap 0.80
SM7 Karmann Gipsy cabinet stay 2.40
SM8 Flip-over window catch, chrome 4.05
SM9 Slide together plates 0.80
SM10 Devon strap 1.60
SM12 Outer door retainer (Karmann Gipsy or Eriba) 2.60
SM13 Caravan door retainer 1.75
SM14 Folding shelf bracket, 200mm x 200mm, per pair 12.99
SM15 Flap retainer, 70mm 1.99
SM16 Magazine/storage net, 210mm x 310mm 5.50
SM17 Table storage brackets, 90mm x 90mm, per pair 5.50
SM18 Westfalia stay, 200mm 1.50

Table Legs, Tables, Worktops & Edgings (images 1, images 2)

TE1 Devon style screw-in table leg plates (set of 4) 8.10
TE2 Screw in dowels for Devon screw-in table leg plates (set of 4) 5.40
TE3 Devon style table fittings, white nylon (4 pieces) 3.55
TE4 Westfalia style table fittings (set of 4) 4.05
TE5 Split screen table bracket, per pair 11.25
TE6 Black 12mm table insert, per metre 0.65
TE7 14ft alloy table edge including black insert 23.60
TE8 Lipped knock-in edge, 14mm (light grey), price per metre 2.05
TE9 16mm knock-in edge (brown, cream, black or white), price per metre 2.05
TE10 Single lipped knock-in edge, 17.5mm, price per metre 2.05
TE11 Tadpole seal (dark grey), price per metre 1.05
TE12 16ft iron-on edging strip (brown), price per roll 4.10
TE13 Devon style leg plates (flat), price for two 4.10
TE14 Devon style leg plate (large flat) 2.95
TE15 Black 'buddy' seat legs (15", can be cut to size), per pair 18.95
TE16 Island table leg, 60cm (chrome) 12.60
TE17 Island table leg, 70cm (chrome) 12.60
TE18 Table plate (fits underneath table) 9.25
TE19 Floor plate (recessed) 10.25
TE20 Plastic floor cover cap 2.00
TE21 Table leg storage clip 2.99
TE22 Tripod 37.00
TE23 Westfalia style single table leg 4.95
--- L shaped Westfalia style table leg Price on application

We also make worktops and table tops to order, please ask for details.

Curtain Fittings (images)

SG1 Silent Gliss curtain rail, 1.5m length (inc. 24 gliders) 15.00
SG2 Silent Gliss curtain rail, 2.5m length (inc. 40 gliders) 24.60
SG3 Silent Gliss hooks (pack of 25) 3.05
SG4 Silent Gliss gliders (pack of 25) 3.05
SG5 Silent Gliss end stops (pack of 2) 1.15

Construction Parts

--- Type 2 floor kit including adhesive Price on application
--- 3mm vinyl faced plywood, size 7 x 4 (oak or dark maple pattern), per sheet 23.00
--- 3mm vinyl faced plywood lining board (beige/white pattern, matches Karmann Gipsy) 23.00
--- Corner mould, 16mm aperture x 2.2m (brown or grey) 20.50

Low Voltage Parts (images)

LV1 Battery hold down kit 5.95
LV2 6 way blade fuse holder 3.00
LV3 4 way blade fuse holder 2.60
LV4 Line fuse holder (inc 16 amp ceramic fuse) 1.60
LV5 Ceramic fuse, 25 amp (blue) (pack of 5) 1.00
LV6 Ceramic fuse, 16 amp (red) (pack of 5) 1.00
LV7 Ceramic fuse, 8 amp (white) (pack of 5) 1.00
LV8 Ceramic fuse, 5 amp (yellow) (pack of 5) 1.00
LV9 12V cigar socket, 16 amp 2.95
LV10 12V cigar socket solder connection 1.20
LV11 12V cigar/stucco plug screwed connection 3.95
LV12 Terminal covers (pair) 2.25
LV13 12V battery terminals (pair) 2.70
LV14 Quick battery terminals (pair) 9.60
LV15 Fluorescent light single tube 10.95
LV16 Fluorescent light twin tube 11.50
LV17 Battery/fridge relay 14.95
LV18 USB converter, 1000 mA 5.25
LV19 Battery to cigar socket 3.95

Mains Electric Parts & Accessories (images)

ME1 Oblong mains inlet, white 100mm x 150mm 12.50
ME2 Oblong mains inlet, black 100mm x 150mm 12.50
ME3 Square inlet, white, 10mm x 110mm 12.80
ME4 Square inlet, black, 10mm x 110mm 12.80
ME5 Surface inlet with seal 6.70
ME6 Consumer unit 46.10
ME7 Mains charger/stepdown (10 amp output) 79.95
ME8 UK adaptor 4.65
ME9 Continental adaptor 4.65
ME10 Coupler 2.35
ME11 Site plug 2.00
ME12 Berker socket, white, black & brown, 50mm sq. 12.50
ME13 25m mains lead 29.95

Ventilation (images 1, images 2)

VT1 Recessed fridge vent, aperture size 340 x 115mm, overall size 370 x 150mm (black or white) 5.95
VT2 Cover for VT1 (black or white) 5.50
VT3 Surface vent, 365 x 140mm 5.95
VT4 Recessed vent, aperture size 300 x 80mm, overall size 325 x 140mm 3.50
VT5 Hexagon vent, 80mm (white or brown) 0.55
VT6 Surface vent, 172 x 90mm (white or brown) 1.10
VT7 Surface vent, 170mm x 90mm (beige) 1.25
VT8 Recessed vent, aperture size 35 x 70mm, overall size 45 x 80mm 0.95
VT9 Recessed vent or flush pull handle vent, aperture 38mm diameter overall, size 43mm diameter (white, tan or light brown) 0.55
VT10 Round recessed vent, aperture size 70mm diameter, overall size 80mm diameter (black) 0.65
VT11 Recessed vent, aperture size 80mm overall, size 110mm 2.95
VT12 Push in vent, aperture size 25mm, overall size 35mm 0.45
VT13 Recess air dropper, aperture size 50mm, overall size 70mm 1.35
VT14 Vent 2 with roller blind and fly screen, 500 x 500mm (white) 84.95
VT15 Crystal roof vent, 400 x 400mm (blue tint) 56.00
VT16 Roof vent, 400 x 400mm (white) 44.00
VT17 Roof vent, 280 x 280mm (white) 44.00
VT18 Crystal roof vent, 280 x 280mm (blue tint) not shown 56.00
VT19 Roof blind for VT 15 / 16 24.00
VT20 Bedding mastic tube, 380g 3.20
VT21 Mushroom vent, aperture size 80mm diameter 6.95

Water (images)

W1 Whale flipper pump 53.95
W2 Whale 'V' pump 35.95
W3 Whale 'Tuckaway' fawcet 16.35
W4 Whale 'Telescopic' fawcet 13.20
W5 Comet single tap, black/chrome 18.50
W6 Comet single tap, two-tone grey 17.95
W7 12V submersible pump 10.80
W8 Non-return valve 5.80
W9 12V Whale in-line pump 28.00
W10 Tennis ball (domed) foot switch 5.50
W11 3/4" sink waste 2.95
W12 Elbow tank connector 3.50
W13 3/4" sink plug 1.15
W14 Square foot switch 5.50
W15 1 1/4" elbow, sink waste 5.95
W16 3/8" 'Y' piece 1.30
W17 1 1/4" straight sink waste 5.95
W18 3/8" water hose, per metre 1.20
W19 1/2" water inlet 3.70
W20 3/4" water hose, per metre 1.60
W21 3/4" water outlet 3.70


Prices correct as of May 2012 (prices exclude P&P)
Please check price and availability before sending payment
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